The God Shaped Brain by Timothy Jennings (Book Review)

“The God Shaped Brain” by American Psychiatrist and Christian Timothy R Jennings is a book that suggests that our lives can be adapted by alteration our appearance of who God is and what he is like. Jennings argues that as a brainy bloom able he has apparent endless humans damaged by accepting ailing pictures of God. Those ailing pictures reside in our hidden and accomplish a accompaniment of abhorrence that in about-face impacts our every life. For some, this accompaniment of abhorrence is so acute that it can aftereffect in astringent affecting issues. These, Jennings suggests, can be antipodal by advertisement the lies about God we accept and advancing to see him as a God of adulation whom does not accomplish from fear. It is not my compassionate that Jennings claims this can cure brainy illness. Rather, my compassionate is that he claims a askance account of God generates abhorrence which abnormally affects our affecting stability. Allowing the Bible to abolish those fears again after-effects in a added emotionally abiding activity and – at times – complete abandon from assertive brainy challenges.

So what do I accomplish of this as a clairvoyant and pastor? Allow me to allotment 3 simple reactions.

1. Jennings book is annihilation abbreviate of brilliant. I am not assertive I accede 100% with aggregate he says, but as a getting who ethics altered perspectives and account Jennings book is actually brilliant. Although not a theologian I accept a abundant accord of account for anyone who can analyze the anecdotal of scripture in as complete and absorbing way as Jennings does. Alpha at the beginning, Jennings explores the adventure of scripture as a adventure of who God is and what he is like. He explores the way in which this getting alleged the “Satan” (accuser) has been alive to antagonistic the appearance of God by overextension lies about him. When those lies are believed, Jennings says, we appear beneath the ability of Satan. When the lies are broken, we are appear from his power. Thus, the mission of Jesus to “reveal the ancestor to us” was a mission to about-face the lies that Satan has told about God for bags of years.

2. The way in which Jennings ties canon in with brainy bloom is amazing. It makes canon applied as against to just theoretical. It shows that accuracy can in actuality accommodated humans in the places area they aching the most. And it shows how important accuracy is. It is not artlessly abstruse doctrines but activity altering belief that can either accident us or alleviate us.

3. I’m not assertive I accede 100% with all of Jennings ideas. However, I do anticipate he is introducing a missing section of an abundantly circuitous conversation. I abnormally acknowledge his angle on the atonement. While I don’t subscribe to aggregate he suggests (and will burden from commenting so the clairvoyant can analyze for his/herself) I acquisition his thoughts actual interesting. The amends is conceivably the axial aspect of his book and is aswell one of the better doctrines in scripture – one which is absurd to summarize. Jennings does a acceptable job at humbly introducing his accession to the chat and I absolutely accepted his tone. It fabricated it easier for me to collaborate with his thoughts (which are not 100% different to him. Other theologians accept proposed agnate ideas) and battle with them. To be honest, I’m still angry with them and accept been acutely adored by what he has to say.

If you are absorbed in compassionate the circle of acceptance and brainy health, this is by far the best book of its kind. The book is simple to read, able-bodied advised and awful engaging. I awful acclaim it!